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Climb the Ladder

Learn by analysing and watching the masters and challenger of the League of Legends Solo Queue. Understand their picks, builds and efficient playstyles in order to reach high win rates and outperform the majority of the enemies. Including all positions from support to top lane we will provide you insights in not only which champions to play but more so how to play these champions on a high level. Exclusive weekly videos will help you climbing the ladder, no matter if you are unranked or any other division, we will make sure the information will be helpful in a smart format.

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What is provided in these guides?

There are three main categories to look at:

- Champion analysis and build guides
- Playstyle guide for individual champions
- Meta-Analysis

With these aspects in mind you will learn to utilize the game in the most optimal way for climbing. But the fun won't be left out. We will provide options for all lanes and give alternative choices so you don't have to play the FOTM-picks only :)

Champion analysis: Everyone knows and understands winrates. But why do certain champions perform well? Why do some champions perform in lower ranked queues but fail to perform in higher ones? We will provide you insights into which champions do well in which positions based on your current rank and we will explain you the reasons behind this rather than just providing stats and numbers.

Champion builds: Everyone can read up on most efficient champion builds based on winrates on public websites, but the truth is, there is quite some diversity in champion build-pathes depending on the actual matches you play. There is no "Always-to-go" build, instead you need to understand and utilize your builds based on compositions of teams and the progress of the individual game. We will explain to you how that all works.

Playstyle: Everyone has seen the great play by Faker on Zed. If you know how to play a champion well you will outclass your enemies. And climbing the ladder means more than anything else that you need to do way better than all nine other players in this game. We will show you how to master the champions with detailed videos and guides, surely there are some secrets you have not caught yet but they are part of a good champion mastery!

Meta-Analysis: What is played currently in League and why? We don't only go by winrates but we will explain to you which champions work in which positions for good, real reasons!

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